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Supporting Teachers Developing Students

Using your MHS Student Account


In this video, we show students how to log into their accounts and explore all the features. We demonstrate how to complete assignments sent out by their teacher and how to use MHS at home for independent learning or to review for class tests.

Switching to Distance Education


With school closures extending across the country, this video is designed to assist teachers in switching to a distance education model to continue teaching and effectively engaging their students using the MHS platform.

Independent Learning


MHS is used across the country within the classroom, for homework support, for independent learning and for distance education. This video demonstrates to students and parents how to use their MHS account for independent learning at home.

Adding Students to your MHS Classes


This video for teachers illustrates how to transfer a student from another class, add a new student or even how to upload their entire class list.

Teaching with MHS and Zoom


Making the transition to online teaching can be a difficult one. In this video, we show teachers how to create a web conference using Zoom and how to invite their students from your MHS teacher account. We also demonstrate how to teach an online class using the proven methods of teaching that they are accustomed to.

Teaching with MHS and Google MEET


Many schools use the Google platform and this explainer video walks teachers through setting up an online web conference for their class using Google MEET and how to invite students to the class using their MHS teacher account.